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What is CITANDA?

Research Mandate

CITANDA is a research unit housed within the Department of Information Systems at the University of Cape Town. It is the vehicle through which research in the department is branded and a conduit for drawing together research emanating from staff members.


CITANDA aims to bring together researchers, projects, funders, and programmes focused on the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the service of national development. Many policy analysts, government leaders, industry pundits and development specialists look to ICT for assistance in achieving social, economic, political, cultural and human resource development goals nationally, regionally, or in terms of an industry sector. Our approach to research is grounded in the discipline of IS, which is recognised as a multi-disciplinary field which systemically investigates phenomena which emerge as a result of the complex set of interactions that take place between ICTs, organisations, society and individuals, rather than any one of these elements in isolation.

CITANDA is singularly focused on Africa. We strive to be the leading African centre for research into IS in Africa, producing world-class African scholars, and internationally recognised research outputs and postgraduate students. Our strategic location and role in Africa is acknowledged, and as such we place great emphasis on being both internationally recognised, as well as African in terms of research thrust and profile. To achieve this goal, CITANDA actively seeks partners for research
and development studies that complement our existing educational and research programs. In particular we are interested in (but not limited to) research and international development studies in the following areas:

  • The Impact of ICTs on Economic Development
  • Information Systems and Practices in Development Contexts
  • ICT for Development Projects and Evaluation of such Projects
  • ICT for Development Field Studies in Southern Africa
  • Emerging ICTs and innovation
  • e-/m- Commerce for Development Studies and Evaluation

The membership of CITANDA includes all academic staff from the Department of Information Systems as well as our graduate students and other research affiliates.