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Four main themes being pursued are:

IS Education and Educational Technology

Co-ordinator: Dr Elsje Scott

Within this theme is the investigation of both the teaching and learning of IS, and the use of education technology as an aid to teaching and learning.

  • Staff Researchers: D. Smith, L. Seymour, M. Pollock, K. Johnston, M. Hart, W. Chigona, I. Brown, G. Malemba, M. Tanner, S. Roodt.
  • Current PhD Students: A. Akande, P. Chikuni, S. Dube, A. Gopaul, K. Koranteng, B. Mooketsi, G. Mwalemba, S. Mwapwele, L. Sakala, W. Uys.

ICTs and Innovation

Co-ordinator: Prof Irwin Brown

Within this theme is the investigation of ICT innovations and the use of ICTs for innovation. The Internet, e-commerce, e-government, mobile phones, m-commerce, t-commerce, and emerging phenomenon such as RFID technology warrant investigation as to their impact, adoption, adaptation and diffusion amongst individuals, organisations, nations and the global community.

  • Staff Researchers: JP Van Belle, D. Smith, A. Stander, L. Seymour, K. Johnston, M. Hart, W. Chigona, I. Brown, U. Rivett, S. Roodt.
  • Current PhD Students: R. Adams, Z. Davids, P. Hita, J. Joubert, O. Kabiawu, P. Mungai, O. Osah, B. Pinnock, A. Poroye, N. Tshuma, R. Tsongorera, B. Wolffpiggott.

IS Management, Knowledge Management, IS Project Management and IS Development

Co-ordinator: Prof Mike Kyobe

This stream encompasses much of the mainstream research in IS, dealing with issues related to IS management, knowledge management, the IS professional, project management, work teams, systems development, IS security and computer forensics. The focus is not only on large commercial organisations, but also on the public sector, health sector, NGOs and SMMEs.

  • Staff Researchers: JP Van Belle, D. Smith, A. Stander, L. Seymour, E. Scott, M. Pollock, S. Kabanda, M. Kyobe, K. Johnston, M. Hart, I. Brown, O. Ngwenyama, M. Tanner.
  • Current PhD Students: R. Albertus, I. Govender, M. Manuhwa, C. McGibbon, V. Motloutsi, C. Mukwasi, C. Ononiwu, M. Pollock, S. Utulu.

IS in Developing Country Contexts

Co-ordinator: Prof Wallace Chigona

Although a focus on IS in developing countries is a theme that pervades almost all CITANDA research, in this stream it is given specific attention. Issues relating to IT in the context of disadvantaged, underserved and under-represented rural and urban communities and individuals are investigated.

  • Staff Researchers: JP Van Belle, A. Stander, W. Chigona, I. Brown, S. Kabanda, O. Ngwenyama, U. Rivett.
  • Current PhD Students: A. Alao, O. Ayangbekun, L. Bagui, K. Bisimwa, M. Elmi, D. Fynn, G. Kaisara, M. Lorini, P. Machoka, F. Makoza, M. Mayedwa, F. Mpazanje, M. Mudenda, S. Muhanguzi, T. Ngonzi, O. Ogunleye, K. Okongo, A. Ramburn, M. Shivute, S. Usman, L. Zivanai.